Why You Need Floodlight Maintenance This Winter

Posted on September 15th, 2022

Why You Need Floodlight Maintenance This Winter

Even a heavy downpour can cause wear and tear on some systems. Make sure you get adequate floodlight maintenance carried out to prepare for the winter.
Floodlights are often exposed to the harsh winter elements. Make sure they are maintained and protected to last the winter!

It is coming to the time of the year again, where the calm autumn nights give way to winter downpours of rain, sleet and snow.

If you have an old or state of the art floodlight system in place, they will need good floodlight maintenance to ensure they are performing at their optimum levels. Step in Surfacelux! We can provide all your floodlight maintenance and also floodlight repair needs. Cracked light housing assembly? We can replace that. Blown bulbs? We can give you an entire new set of lamps. Material building up around your floodlights? We can clean it away and apply the necessary aftercare treatment.

Whatever the situation your floodlights are in, new or old, the Surfacelux team are always happy to assist and advise on the best way to keep them tip top this winter.

Prepping for the winter.

There are a few things you can do to help with floodlight maintenance this winter.

1. Make sure power cabling and wiring are sufficiently installed.

The system of cabling that connects your floodlights up to power needs to be dug in sufficiently. If the installation points are too shallow then over time the cabling will work its way back up to the surface and be exposed not just to the weather elements but also as a hazard to people who potentially might catch the wire and damage the connectivity or worse – seriously injure themselves. Always ensure that the cabling is sufficiently covered up. If you don’t feel you can proceed with this then contact a member of our team who will be able to arrange for someone to at tidying up and maintaining them.

2. Any material that forms around critical systems, tidy up.

After the autumn period ends, there can be an excessive build up of leaves and other debris around structures that are on the ground. With this in mind, always make sure that systems critical to the operation of your floodlights are free of build up of debris. If left unchecked, this can present a danger to people, who might not realise it is there and could cause injury to themselves.

3. Change the bulbs or lamps and make sure you have spares.

The extreme temperature swings can affect the life of certain types of bulbs and lamps to the point where they cease to function properly. Blinking or flickering is a sign that the lighting is on its way out and a replacement will be needed. If frost or moisture gets into the lighting fixture, then this can short the bulb or lamp – if it is a series of bulbs it could have a knock on effect. Make sure you have sufficient stock for winter and if you need to reach high up floodlights make sure that you have plenty of safety equipment.

If you don’t feel safe replacing the lighting, a member of our team will be able to assess your requirements and get someone out to help.

If you have queries regarding floodlight maintenance or for any floodlight repair enquiries, please contact either our North office number on 0151 513 7415, our South office number on 01793 847 498. Alternatively you can contact us to send details over.