Why You Need Floodlight Maintenance This Summer

Posted on May 17th, 2024

Why You Need Floodlight Maintenance This Summer

Floodlight Maintenance Summer

Floodlight maintenance is almost always carried out during the winter season because most problems arise or get worse due to the extreme dip in temperature with frost, ice, snow and even rain all leaving a damaging effect on components. However what some may not know is that the extreme heat during long summer weeks can also have an impact on how floodlights perform.

While floodlight maintenance is often something that is carried out during the winter, the summer months also presents critical reasons for ensuring your lighting systems are in top shape. Here’s why summer floodlight maintenance is essential to ensure evening events can continue on those long summer nights.


1. Extended Usage Of The Bulbs

Summer events, including sports, festivals, and evening gatherings, often rely on floodlighting. Even during the beginning of an evening, sometimes the sheer heat of the sun can be taxing on the lighting system. If heat isn’t dissipated properly then this can cause some of the bulbs to blow. With this in mind, adequate ventilation and spacing between the bulbs will be needed to combat this. A rugged housing with plenty of gaps can also be used to help cool down the bulbs.


2. Weather Conditions

Summer storms, high temperatures, and humidity can easily damage electrical components. Excessive moisture can get into any cracks in the housing and short the bulbs out. Make sure to identify any corrosion issues that might be occurring and slowly eating around the casing and ensure that a tight seal is formed around the edges. Adequate earthing can also negate any lightning strikes.


3. Energy Efficiency

Daylight hours are longer during the summer season so optimising your floodlight settings can save energy. Maintenance can include adjusting timers, sensors, and replacing outdated bulbs with energy-efficient options.


4. Safety Inspections

Routine checks in the summer can prevent accidents caused by faulty wiring or fixtures, ensuring there is 100% safety. Never have to worry about power outages or sudden bursts of light.


5. Preventative Measures

Addressing minor issues during the summer prevents them from escalating into even more costly repairs during the busier winter months when maintenance might be more challenging due to adverse weather conditions and difficulty accessing the floodlight systems.



By keeping your floodlights well maintained in the summer, you ensure reliability, safety and efficiency until the winter period. This proactive approach not only extends the lifespan of your systems but it also supports the continuous hosting of your business operations. Let Surfacelux handle all your summer floodlight maintenance needs and get in touch with the team today! You can contact our North office on 0151 513 7415 and our South office on 01793 847 498.