Upgrading Your Floodlight System

Posted on August 22nd, 2018

If you have exterior LED floodlights installed at your premises, then you’re probably already enjoying the benefits. However, even the best systems don’t last forever. In this post we will discuss the importance of upgrading your floodlighting system; how to know when an upgrade might be necessary and the benefits of upgrading your system in a timely manner.

When to upgrade your exterior LED floodlights

Most people know when it’s time to upgrade their floodlighting system, the same way that they know when it’s time to buy a new car. A car can fail its MOT, breakdown or just require various small repairs that begin to add up until, pretty soon, you notice that it’s starting to cost you money. Exterior LED floodlights can be the same. As electrical items, they have a lifespan. When they begin to approach the end of their useful life they can start to fail and to cost you money. At that point, a system upgrade is a great idea.

Alternatively, you might notice that your floodlights are having more of an impact on your energy bills than they used to. It is well worth monitoring the energy consumption of your lighting system as it ages. It’s also worth considering that, even if the energy consumption of your exterior LED floodlights hasn’t increased, if they are old then there’s a good chance that there are some vastly more energy efficient ones now on the market. It might be worth upgrading anyway.

Of course, better quality systems that have been well installed and maintained last longer than ones where corners were cut on quality or maintenance was neglected. We provide both maintenance and repair services for exterior LED floodlights and we would encourage anyone, even if their system is working well, to take out maintenance work if they haven’t already. When we periodically inspect your system, we can let you know whether it’s working the way it should. We’ll always give you our expert opinion if we feel that a system upgrade could be in your best interest and, in the meantime, we’ll do what we can to extend the life of your lights.

Why upgrade?

As with all electrical equipment, you upgrade when you want a newer, more efficient and effective product.

If you bought the best of the best floodlighting systems and had it regularly maintained, there will still come a point when parts will begin to fail, only for you to find that they have become obsolete. At that point, a system upgrade will be the next logical step.

New, high quality exterior LED floodlights and associated equipments will almost invariably be more energy efficient than older counterparts. Improved visibility, productivity and even safety, can also be benefits of a full system upgrade.

When we upgrade your floodlighting system, you will receive brand new quality products with warranties, as well as all required documentation, such as Electrical Installation Certificates and Light Readings.

Do you need to upgrade?

If you are wondering whether your system needs to be upgraded, contact us on 0151 513 7415 for an honest appraisal by industry experts.