The 5 Portable LED Floodlights That Make All The Difference

Posted on March 20th, 2024

The 5 Portable LED Floodlights That Make All The Difference

Portable LED Floodlight With Generator

Portable floodlights have come a long way since their introduction into the mainstream market. Some come with generators like the one pictured above, others have plug in play capabilities.

LED Floodlights come in many different shapes and sizes. Most are fixed to columns and raised off the ground to a certain height. Others are affixed to the ground and swivel on a rotating platform. However there are scenarios which do not require a permanent solution. Que portable LED floodlights. Thanks to advancements in battery and bulb technology, they come in many different shapes and sizes and can be wired or wireless depending on the model allowing for easy plug and play and remote control. As they get carried around a lot, they usually have a rugged case and stand that protects the lamp housing and keeps it level and upright – this is designed in mind to withstand wears and tears over a period of time. A special coating can also offer some protection against the elements, dust and rust.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 5 portable floodlights that can be used for a variety of scenarios from securing construction sites at night to providing temporary light during sports events. During power outages and emergency situations there are a number of reasons to deploy floodlights to ensure safety of users. As with all types of floodlights make sure that you have adequate room and power to be able to connect up. Place your portable LED floodlights in the chosen locations, ensuring they are directed to where you want the light. Aim to achieve an even distribution of light across the targeted areas for maximum light.

1. SportStar – Powerful Rechargeable Floodlight

SportStar Portable LED Floodlight

This is one of the most powerful portable LED floodlights that is available on the market. Coming in either as a single unit or multiple units, it has a 20,000 lumens bulb that can project up to 50 metres. A variable setting allows the lighting power to be reduced to just 2000 lumens for a longer runtime period. The fixture can also withstand harsh weather conditions, knocks and bumps with an impact resistant light head. The bulb itself is IP65 rated, perfect for outdoor use in every weather. An easy folding and lightweight aluminium tripod allows for stable mounting on a variety of ground and surface types. Setup time is a breeze, a quick and easy design allows for a 2 minute setup. An 18Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery is also supplied offering up to 16 hours runtime.  The whole unit weighs in at just 9.5kg. More information can be found here.

2. Solaris Megastar 20K LED Floodlight With Lithium-Ion Battery

Solaris Megastar Portable LED Floodlight

Another heavyweight in the portable LED floodlights category, the Solaris Megastar is a single unit portable floodlight that has a variable lighting output which can range from 20,000 lumens to just 2000 lumens. On its lowest setting, it can run for 16 hours. The lifespan of the battery is 30,000 hours and can be charged over a 1000 times. It takes just 8 hours to be able to fully charge and is ideally best done overnight. the floodlight and also the battery makes the system weigh in at 10kg. More information can be found here.

3. Galaxy 12000 Portable Floodlight And Tripod

Galaxy Portable LED Floodlight

One of the more affordable LED portable floodlights on the market, the Galaxy has less power than the previously mentioned models however more than makes up for running the beam range is almost twice the distance with a 110m range to light up the furthest spots. The increased range does come with a decreased running time, however an AC charger can provide continuous operation. Rather than a fixed mounting head on some models, the Galaxy has a 180 degree swivel head and is incredibly light, weighing in at just 2.63kg. There is a control panel and built in thermo sensor to allow the floodlight to pick up and detect heat signatures, making it an ideal choice for security. More information can be found here.

4. Site Light 80 LED Mains Powered Portable Sports Floodlight

Site Light Portable LED Floodlight

This incredibly slimline range of portable LED floodlights offers a variety of lighting configurations and options, the most powerful output being 80,000 lumens. This floodlight is wired meaning that it can be in continuous operation without it having to be charged up. A simple plug and play cord along with Bluetooth control makes setup and control very easy to achieve. A 4.5 metre tripod and a wide angle beam provide a flexible array of configuration options and like most portable floodlights there is no planning permission required. The power output can be knocked down to just 20,000 lumens when less light is required. Sports grounds and event premises that were previously unlit can experience full lighting with several of these models strategically placed. More information can be found here.

5. RL20K Rechargeable Portable LED Floodlight

RL20K Portable LED Floodlight

The RL20K are a range of portable LED floodlights that are ideal for sports use and training on pitches and grounds that have no light during the evenings. With a 20,000 lumen output per light unit the ability to fully recharge without the use of a noisy generator and a lightweight build, this model is easy to carry and store and is weather resistant, allowing you to continue those tennis or football matches in the pouring rain. More information can be found here.


Are you thinking of getting portable LED floodlights in place for a temporary event or project? Why not get some expert advice from the team at Surfacelux. For many years we have been planning, designing and installing LED powered floodlights for various premises and complexes. Whatever needs lighting up we know exactly how to approach the problem and provide an effective and long lasting solution that will ensure you are well lit, well secure and well placed to host nighttime events. You can get in touch with us here or alternatively contact our North and South offices respectfully on either 0151 513 7415 or 01793 847 498. You can also reach us on mobile on 0781 191 1674.