Staffordshire Floodlight Installation Project Shines Bright

Posted on November 29th, 2023

Staffordshire Floodlight Installation Project Shines Bright

The Surfacelux team have recently been down at a sports complex in Staffordshire to replace an existing floodlight system with new, longer lasting LED technology.

New Phillips LED Floodlight Technology in Staffordshire

These new floodlights light up the pitch area perfectly and allow for evening matches. They will last a lifetime thanks to superior energy efficiency and management!

Thanks to advancements in the LED bulb technology, these floodlights can last far longer and provide a cool glow to the surrounding area. With the pitch fully lit up, evening games can now be played without any dark spots or concerns for security and safety. The columns can also be lowered for ease of access when it comes to floodlight maintenance going forward. Another fantastic job well done by our hardworking engineering and installation team!


Need A New Floodlight Installation?

Is your sports complex or premises not delivering sufficient lighting to meet the demands of visitors. Struggling to host evening events do the lack of coverage. At Surfacelux we can come to the rescue! Depending on the age of your system, floodlight maintenance can sometimes be costly and in the long term it is more justifiable to have an new floodlight system installed and one that can stand the test of time and the environmental elements. The team at Surfacelux have years of experience in all things floodlights, area and sports lighting. From design concept all the way through to operational handover and training, we offer a bespoke floodlight installation service that is second to none. All components of your system are carefully chosen, installed and maintained by trusted and qualified experts. If you are interested in a system and you have any questions or enquiries, you can get in touch with us here or call 0151 513 7415 or 01793 847 498. See what Surfacelux can do for you today!