Sevenoaks Pitch Gets LED Path Lighting

Posted on November 7th, 2022

Sevenoaks Pitch Gets LED Path Lighting

This twin pitch complex at Sevenoaks gets some lovely LED path lighting to complement the surroundings and help everyone navigate around the premises during the evenings and nights.

We think this complex now looks absolutely stunning with new LED path lighting going up the routes.

The team at Surfacelux were called out to a twin pitch complex in Sevenoaks to install brand new, energy efficient LED path lighting along the areas that surround and lead up to the complex. The bulbs in the posts should last thousands of hours and are well protected against the elements. Another great job carried out by the team!

Looking to light the way along your paths and walkways? Surfacelux are happy to assist and show the way. Our team of professional engineers can get path lighting installed to complement your floodlight system.

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