Security Lighting – 5 Reasons To Invest

Posted on February 17th, 2023

Having security lighting alongside your floodlights is worth considering if you want to add an extra layer of protection around your business or premises.

In terms of security lighting, this floodlight CCTV is well shielded from view and is even harder to notice when the lights are shining at night.

Sometimes just having a floodlight system on it’s own isn’t enough to deter unwanted behaviour and activity and for the vast majority of premises that have floodlight systems installed few have additional security lighting measures in place. While bright spots around buildings and complexes might be lit up for all to see and enjoy, there are still areas that will be blind to security and will present unsuspecting opportunity for anti-social and other criminal behaviour. There is also a rise with burglaries happening on premises that do not have the adequate security measures in place.

In this post we will quickly break down five reasons you need to invest in security lighting. Floodlight CCTV, or security lighting, is a great solution to go alongside your floodlight system.

So, What Are The Benefits?

1. It can be cost effective compared to other CCTV systems and solutions.

Certain models of camera can be relatively cheap to install and only require a power source and some fine-tuned adjustments, making it a great way to deter any unwanted intruders without breaking the bank. By comparison, a more bespoke CCTV system might cost thousands of pounds to set up, require several separate systems to be installed which would increase overall maintenance costs and might not necessarily have the features that are needed for the job.

2. They can be installed and configured very quickly.

Installing a floodlight CCTV system is relatively easy and can be done within minutes, providing you have the right tools. A power source, several attachments and fixings and some communication equipment, such as a Smartphone Application or computer program is all you need to get running. Most floodlight CCTV cameras are also not fixed and can swivel or pivot, allowing the angle to be changed for specific viewing needs.

3. They are packed full of useful features to deter unwanted behaviour.

Standard CCTV systems will often be just the camera with no additional features. Some more advanced models might have night vision but the quality is usually blurry or poor. Floodlight CCTV cameras on the other hand have a lot of features built in. Loud alerts, motion detection and advanced night vision features are all present. The ability to also control the camera from an app, usually on a Smartphone device is present. This allows for Remote Access and viewing.

4. They are versatile, durable and portable.

Unlike larger CCTV systems which can be bulky, not designed for different environments and even in some cases require a lot of cabling to connect up, floodlight CCTV cameras are generally small enough to not be noticed, are built using materials that can adapt to different environments, can be wireless and are are incredibly versatile. Whether it is a downpour or a snowstorm, the camera will be unaffected. A variety of different colours and finishes are also available to choose from.

5. Increased visibility.

Floodlight CCTV often has built in lenses that offer a wide field of view. This can give you peace of mind by allowing you to clearly see any activity occurring around your premises. This additional visibility can reduce the number of blind spots over the area you are monitoring. The benefit of the actual floodlight also provides additional light.

Are you looking to get your floodlight system up and running with additional security lighting? Our expert team can help you plan you requirements and get the very latest equipment installed, up and running. Please call 0151 513 7415 for our North Office or 01793 847 498 for our South Office. Alternatively you can contact us to send details over.