Our Floodlight Repair Services

Posted on June 16th, 2022

Ensure You Get The Right Floodlight Repair Service

Even replacing one bulb on a large Floodlight can present its challenges.
Sometimes, even a broken bulb can be quite a challenge to repair.

As powerful as most floodlight systems are, the inevitable can happen from time to time. Nothing lasts forever no matter how durable. Whether it be the housing, the bulb, wiring, power or poor maintenance, you might find yourself without adequate lighting for your business or premises and this can have a knock on effect in terms of security. Poorly lit or unlit areas are an invite for intruders, trespassers and other unwanted guests. However there is a solution to your floodlight repair needs – Surfacelux.

The team here at Surfacelux are experts in floodlight repair services. Our highly trained engineers can help diagnose and fix a multitude of problems. As our floodlight systems are quite large and complex in nature, performing floodlight repair by yourself might seem daunting and too much to tackle, even if the problem is simple.

Very often the problems we have diagnosed for our clients arise in the floodlight lamp, with a smashed or blown bulb. Other problems might involve poor wiring and connection or faulty power. Whether you have had floodlights installed by us or another company, our engineers are fully trained and qualified to safely and efficiently resolve any issues that might arise. We have the necessary equipment and powered access machinery to be able to reach otherwise difficult to access areas.

No floodlight system is out of our scope, whether it is new or old, big or small and our speciality is LED floodlights. We have a large supply of spares and components to help fix the right system. Our lamps are efficient and made from the best materials to ensure your floodlight system is up and running as soon as possible with a new lease of life.

It is much better if your floodlight system is fine tuned to work at maximum efficiency all the time. We always like to take a preventative approach to ensure repair doesn’t become a common theme. Regular maintenance after a floodlight repair is highly recommended and will help prolong the working lifespan of your floodlight system. If you are interested in maintenance post repair, we offer a variety of packages to suit your requirements, which will see cleaning, greasing, alignment and operation of switching devices as well as lamp changes and electrical inspection and certification.

If the only option is repair, then please give us a call on 0151 513 7415 to find out more information and get a competitive quote.

Surfacelux provides free quotes and consultations for all our sports and area lighting services including floodlight installation, maintenance, upgrades and repairs. We can also provide a complete design and planning service for your project and we operate all across the UK.

If you have an upcoming project you are interested in discussing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0151 513 7415 for our North Office, or 01793 847 498 for our South Office. Alternatively send us a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you.