Need Reliable Floodlight Repair? – Look No Further

Posted on August 16th, 2023

Need Reliable Floodlight Repair? – Look No Further

Are some of your floodlights not working as expected and in need of floodlight repair? Do you have a faulty bulb that flickers and refuses to stay bright? At Surfacelux, our team is on hand to be able to help diagnose any faults your floodlight system might have. We have the right expertise and know-how to be able to take a look at your system and provide solutions to return it to a fully working state.

Floodlights are powerful solutions for area and sports lighting but from time to time, unexpected bulb breakage and weathering damage can occur making them less efficient and effective as before. Even the toughest systems will not last forever, with seals, housing glass and cable sheathing all eventually failing from time to time. This can cause your floodlights to fail with power outages causing blackouts and making your area or premises less secure and more vulnerable to trespassers and other unwelcome visitors.

Smashed glass on the casing whether the light is mounted high or low is an invitation for weather and the elements to damage the bulb system.

Whether your floodlights are mounted high or installed on the ground, any glass pane or seal around the casing that is damaged is an unwelcome invitation for the elements to move in and cause damage to the bulb units and any wiring.

If the floodlight housing is heavily weathered and rusty, then the entire unit might need to be replaced.


Casing for older floodlights often uses materials that over time wear down and rust due to heavy weathering. If the lights need to be angled this can cause operational problems as mounting joints become stiff. It can be cheaper to replace the casing or housing with a new variant rather than the entire floodlight.

Floodlight repair might at first seem a daunting task, especially with larger and more complex systems but the team at Surfacelux have had years diagnosing and fixing various issues so you are in safe hands. No matter how big or small your system is, we can repair it. Our approach is preventative ensuring that your system will suffer less faults and more runtime. Drop our friendly team a line today or alternatively get in touch with our Northern offices on 0151 513 7415 or our Southern Office on 01793 847 498 and get your competitive quote.