LED Sports Lighting

Over recent years we have really seen an increase in enquiries and quotes for LED floodlights over more traditional light sources. There are genuine benefits to modern LED sports lighting systems as follows:

  • LED floodlights can consume up to 90% less energy than their halogen counterparts, meaning your electricity consumption will be a lot lower, potentially saving you money in the long run.
  • LED floodlights are longer lasting than halogen floodlights. In fact, they can last up to 30,000 hours, which is up to 20-times longer that your average halogen floodlight.
  • Halogen floodlights can get very hot. LED floodlights come with metal heatsinks that direct heat away to maintain a lower running temperature. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the floodlight.
  • Whether lighting up a sports pitch or car park, LED floodlights are guaranteed to give you a bright wide angle beam that offers greater and more efficient coverage for better visibility and security.
  • Whereas traditional halogen floodlights use heat to generate light, LED sports lighting doesn’t, which is why they are far more efficient and consume such a low amount of electricity by comparison.
  • Our LED floodlights come with waterproof and dustproof casings, so you can expect the same high quality performance whatever the weather or working environment.

Potential considerations

LED sports lighting technology is moving along and increasing the outputs with costs gradually reducing, however it is still very important to assess the cost of running versus the cost of installation. One major issue from our experience in the lighting industry is the potential for LED lighting to be mis-sold as a way of saving huge amounts on energy consumption to quickly payback the LED install costs. The reality can be that the usage calculations are either false or poorly carried out, and the LED against traditional metal halide type lighting cost calculations are often wrong. This can have a significant impact on costs to the customer, especially over the full term of the investment. At Surfacelux we take an honest and experienced approach to make sure our quotations are both realistic and accurate for our customers to be able to make the correct choices.

Another example of a potential pitfall is on the subject of warranties. Surfacelux always recommend LED sports lighting with genuine manufacturers warranties from big reputable brands such as Philips, as warranties on floodlights manufactured by minor or no-name brands could be troublesome or worthless if something goes wrong. We will always recommend lighting that is safe, compliant, CE marked and offers written manufacturer warranties.

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