Brighten Up Your Sports Playing Field With LED Flood Lights

Posted on June 20th, 2018

Maintaining a professional sports playing field can be hard work, it needs to adhere to the rules of the game, be safe enough to play on, and look good. Most of the time, sports are played in the daytime as it’s easier and safer to navigate around the playing field with natural daylight. However, playing at night is more difficult without sufficient lighting. For late night training, especially in the winter months, you need LED sports floodlights to brighten up your playing field.

Installation of LED Sports Floodlights

Here at Surfacelux we specialise in installing LED flood lights to many types of sports playing fields. In the past our clients have included football clubs and councils, including Blackpool Football Club and St Helens Council, who we maintain, repair, and install quality LED flood lighting for. At Bradfield College in Reading we installed state of the art flood lighting to six tennis court, as pictured below. This project involved installing the following:

The surrounding area also needs to be well lit for safety so we also lit up the adjoining access paths which not only improves safety, it also complements the entire look of the courts.

Each and every project we work on is different so we take all of your requirements into consideration and deliver a perfect lighting solution to a range of sporting grounds. No matter how big or small the sports premises is or how complex the job is, we have the expertise and equipment to complete it to the highest standards as we deal with everything from civil and electrical work to erecting the lighting columns.

We’re also able to provide flood lighting repair and maintenance so that your lights remain in immaculate condition and operating at optimal performance. It’s also important to look after your floodlighting for longevity and value for money, we suggest bi-annual maintenance.

If you would like LED sports floodlights installed on your premises or would like to book a service, simply call our expert team on 0151 513 7415.