LED Floodlights – Why They Are A Suitable Choice

Posted on June 16th, 2022

LED Floodlights – Why They Are A Suitable Choice

LED Floodlights have a high lumen count and are much brighter than traditional halogen or fluorescent systems.
LED Floodlights are incredibly efficient, powerful and popular for area lighting.

Floodlighting is an integral part of security for your business or premises. So when you are looking for an ideal floodlight system, one of the stand out solutions are LED floodlights. They provide exceptional lighting on an area or subject and come with a myriad of benefits that other floodlight systems simply cannot offer.

One of the primary benefits to consider when choosing LED floodlights is their life expectancy. Compared with standard halogen bulbs, they can last up to 30 times longer and can help mitigate the need to regularly swap out or stock up on bulbs, saving time and money. For businesses on a tight budget that are managing their running costs, this is a perfect solution – energy bills will be noticeably reduced due to the lower power consumption required.

The light emitting diode technology inside the floodlights has a high lumen output over traditional bulbs. Just one of these can outshine at least three standard halogen bulbs and the lighting arc is superior, meaning that when it comes to area catchment and placement, you will require less columns to be installed around the location that needs lighting.

Mounted LED Floodlights, set in different configurations.LED Floodlight configurations can either be fixed or adjustable.Hanging LED Floodlights, sitting at different heights.

LED Floodlights come in many different shapes and configurations and are almost always adjustable.

LED floodlights are usually designed with durable components that can handle the roughest environments and they can be IP65 rated, meaning they can withstand dust and other small particles and concentrated bursts or streams of water, enabling them to be partially weatherproof. The technology is also portable, allowing for temporary configurations to be made across multiple locations with the aid of battery packs or portable generators.

For the environment LED floodlights do not contain toxic chemicals unlike their halogen and fluorescent counterparts and the components are recyclable. There is little to no infrared or UV emissions given off making them highly suitable for providing close proximity lighting to goods and materials that are heat sensitive.

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