LED Floodlight Installation And Preparation In Oxfordshire

Posted on August 16th, 2023

LED Floodlight Installation And Preparation In Oxfordshire

Another floodlight installation is on the cards for us as the Surfacelux team have been down in Oxfordshire, busy working away on a football pitch project to dismantle an old set of floodlights. The columns are coming down and being swapped out for a new set of LED floodlights to go up around the perimeter. These will be more powerful and highly efficient, lasting much longer than their traditional counterparts. Thanks to the lack of harmful materials and chemicals, these lights are designed to reduce heat emissions and help the environment. New cabling and columns will be wired up and protected from the environment.

The team is dismantling a series of old traditional floodlights around the pitch perimeter.

The old floodlights at this football pitch finally come down after many years of continuous operation and weathering.

Specialist equipment was required in order to lift out the existing infrastructure. Once completed this new system will offer more lighting to areas of the playing pitch that were once void of lighting – enabling more visitors to explore the surroundings safely during evening matches.

The team have been down at a football pitch in Oxfordshire to prepare for a new LED Floodlight Installation.

Various excavation equipment was needed to ensure that an area was dug deep enough to hold the wiring and other electrics to help provide power to the new system.

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