Why Invest In LED Floodlight Maintenance?

Posted on July 5th, 2018

Like any type of lighting or machinery, LED floodlighting needs to be looked after and maintained. Especially when your lighting system is exposed to the elements year round. Floodlighting is necessary for many commercial premises for visibility, safety, and to generally brighten up a dull area. However, the safety of LED floodlighting systems can be compromised if they’re not regularly inspected and maintained. As the owner of the premises, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your floodlights function properly and are safe. Here’s all you need to know about our LED floodlight maintenance service.

LED Floodlight Maintenance

We highly recommend that you look after your floodlight system by having professional engineers inspect and maintain it.

What happens if you neglect to maintain LED floodlights?

The performance of the LED floodlights can eventually decrease and become unreliable. There can be up to 12% reduction in output and if they’re neglected for a long period of time it can be costly to repair or replace them. When investing in a floodlight system you want it to last a long time which is only possible if it’s maintained.

To prevent the cost of big repair work and replacing the entire system, try our maintenance service so that we can inspect and diagnose any issues early on.

What services do we offer?

We recommend that you have cleaning and maintenance work carried out bi-annually. We offer 2 year minor and 4 year services which include full cleaning of the entire system, greasing, alignment and operation of switching devices. Our 6 year service includes slightly more as the floodlights are older. As well as everything included in the previous services we also offer a full electrical periodic inspection, lamp change and certification.

Your LED floodlights will last much longer than 6 years as the process can be repeated after this time for another 6 years and so on. The regularity of the maintenance means that problems do not go unnoticed and the lights are performing optimally at all times.

What if your LED floodlights need repairing?

Of course if problems are detected during our inspection we’re able to offer repair work to your existing floodlighting system, no matter whether the installation was completed by Surfacelux or another company as we have the expertise to install, maintain and repair all LED floodlight systems.

Are you due floodlight maintenance? If so, call Surfacelux on 0151 513 7415 for a quote or to book your maintenance today.