Floodlight System Broken down? Surfacelux Provide Repairs

Posted on August 8th, 2018

Nothing lasts forever and sometimes even the most durable floodlight systems face problems which often require repair work by expert engineers. Outdoor floodlight systems can be too large to tackle yourself so even if it is a simple problem, acquiring the expertise of an engineer is important to ensure it is resolved safely and efficiently. Often the problem lies in the lamp itself, the bulb can blow or the lamp may even be smashed. Problems can also occur with the various components of the floodlight and if this is the case you need the help of Surfacelux as we specialise in floodlight repairs.

Floodlight Repairs by Surfacelux

Whether you’ve had floodlights installed by us or another company and they have become damaged or are not functioning as they should we can repair any type of floodlight system. We have the equipment to be able to reach up high and repair large floodlight systems as we’re certified to use powered access equipment. LED floodlights are our speciality so who better to repair them than those who deal with installing and repairing them everyday?

Sometimes repairs are simple and you may be able to fix it yourself, if so we have everything you need to resolve the issue. We have a large stock of lamps and other components which we can supply to you to fix your floodlight system.

How to Avoid Floodlight Damage

Although repairing floodlights is simple with Surfacelux it’s much better if your floodlight system is working optimally all of the time. Preventing damage as much as possible is more ideal than having to carry out repair work, which is why we highly recommend having maintenance carried out regularly. Like anything, if it’s not cleaned and maintained it won’t last forever and if you want to prolong the lifespan of your floodlights then regular maintenance work is a must.

At Surfacelux we offer 2 year, 4 year and 6 year maintenance services which include cleaning, greasing, alignment and operation of switching devices. The older the floodlight system is the more that is included in the service. In the 6 year service we’ll also change lamps and conduct a full electrical periodic inspection.

If you want to avoid damage to the floodlight system ensure that you have bi-annual floodlight maintenance and cleaning.

However, if your floodlight system hasn’t been looked after and the only option is to repair it then look no further than Surfacelux for floodlight repairs. We deal with small and large repair work so give us a call on 0151 513 7415 to find out more information and for a competitive quote.