Floodlight Repair – 5 Jobs We Can Do For You

Posted on April 18th, 2023

Typical floodlight repair work is usually carried out on the lamp.

Does your floodlight system have damage like shown above? Our floodlight repair service can bring your system back to optimal performance.

Now that the winter season has passed, many owners of floodlight systems can look forward to a warmer environment for their systems to operate in. However there will be times when floodlights will have unexpected issues that can lead to downtime, preventing facilities and premises from hosting events that require lighting and causing potential security risks.

Signs of worn seals around the lamp housing, water ingress inside the lamp and bulbs, blocked heat sinks caused by build up of bird excrement or dust as well as corrosion around power cables are all problems that when left unchecked can manifest themselves and cause disruption to a floodlight system.

Our team of highly trained and professional engineers at Surfacelux have years of repair and maintenance expertise under their belts. If you are looking for floodlight repair work on your system then we can help you diagnose and fix any faults. Here are just five of the jobs we can help fix on your floodlights:

Bulb Replacement – You may find that several of your floodlight bulbs have gone or are no longer operating efficiently. Typically the older metal-halide bulbs do not last as long as their newer LED counterparts. Our team can take a look at the lamps and swap out either specific bulbs with replacements or completely overhaul the light with LED bulbs from branded companies such as Phillips, Kosnic and Integral. This will provide thousands more hours of light before a replacement is eventually needed.

Lamp Housing Glass Cover Replacement – Sometimes due to constant expansion and contraction from the environment and elements, the glass cover on the lamp housing can have excessive build up of condensation or moisture. This can cause small cracks to appear in the cover and if left unchecked can have an impact on the performance of the bulbs themselves. Our team can inspect the cover and the housing unit and if necessary replace with a new cover and seal to ensure the interior is not damaged.

Re-wiring – If there is damaged cabling within the floodlight system then this might cause unexpected flickering and intermittent bulb failures. Our team can pinpoint where the cabling faults are and can re-sheath or replace any damaged connections and test for correct flow of current from the powers supply.

Cleaning Of Any Filters Or Motors – We can take a look at the filters and any lowering motors for floodlights and apply cleaning and lubrication products to ensure the longevity of any moving parts. Any rust or corrosion can be dealt with to prevent jamming during moving operation.

Checking Of Power Levels – Issues with the main power supply can cause brightness issues with the lighting. Certain bulbs might be outputting too much light which over time can shorten the life span of the bulb and cause failure, requiring replacement. Our engineers can take a look at the power supply and adjust power output to the correct levels if required.

If you are experiencing issues that require regular floodlight repair, then it might be best to consider floodlight maintenance or perhaps even an overhaul with a more cost effective system that can save you money. As much as 15% could be lost in output with no maintenance, meaning most costly operation. We at Surfacelux recommend bi-annual maintenance and cleaning to ensure that your floodlight system is in optimal working order. This is an essential part of looking after your floodlights.

To prevent costly repairs, we recommend the following work is carried out at the indicated service intervals for both traditional metal-halide and modern LED lighting systems:

2 Year minor service – This covers the full cleaning, greasing, alignment and operation of switching devices.

4 Year service – This covers the full cleaning, greasing, alignment and operation of switching devices.

6 Year service – This covers the full cleaning, greasing, alignment and operation of switching devices and will also cover a complete lamp change and full electrical periodic inspection and certification.

After 6 years, we will repeat the process again. If you need expert floodlight repair, why not get in touch with us here or call 0151 513 7415 or 01793 847 498 for our North and South offices respectively to discuss your requirements.