Floodlight maintenance from Surfacelux

Posted on December 18th, 2018


This time of year, when the nights are dark we receive plenty of call outs for floodlight repair. Your lights work hardest and longest at this time of year so it is no surprise that ageing lights, especially those that have not been properly maintained, begin to break down. We are available to repair your floodlights whether we installed them or not, so if you have an emergency then please do get in touch.

Our engineers specialise in floodlighting and nothing else, so when you call us to repair your floodlights, you get the experts.

Floodlighting maintenance

Floodlighting repairs can be costly, so if you do have to call an engineer out to repair one of your lights then you probably won’t want to repeat that again in the future. The one and only way to drastically minimise unscheduled repairs is to arrange floodlighting maintenance visits.

Visits don’t need to be all that regular and it doesn’t need to cost you the earth for floodlighting maintenance to be comprehensive and effective. In fact, our maintenance schedule sees us call out to service floodlights just once every two years. By scheduling a floodlighting maintenance visit no more often than this, you could avoid costly breakdowns, loss or business and emergency callouts.

The Surfacelux floodlighting maintenance recommendations

Turn to us for your floodlighting maintenance and you’ll only see us every two years! That’s all you need to keep your floodlights clean, aligned and operational. And you can trust us on that, we’re the experts.

We recommend:

A minor service when your lights are two years old: we’ll clean and grease your floodlights, check the alignment and ensure that all switches are in full working order.

A four year service: this full service covers all the same points as the two year service but goes a little more in-depth, to make sure that your lights are ageing gracefully!

A six year service: we’ll return to do all of the above, all over again. This time we will also change all of your lamps, to make sure there are no unexpected blackouts. We’ll also inspect and certify your electrics.

Following year six, the process begins all over again. Don’t worry if you don’t know how old your floodlights are. We’ll take a look, carry out whatever service they need right now and then return in two years to continue this three year cycle from wherever we left off. Keep on top of this very unobtrusive schedule and you could avoid costly breakdowns.

Shop around for floodlighting maintenance

We are happy to provide floodlighting maintenance on systems that have been supplied and installed by other providers, so don’t simply take out a maintenance contract with your installer until you have enquired about our offer and received a quotation.

Servicing and repairs from Surfacelux

We have been in business for over a decade, providing planning, installation, servicing and repairs for floodlighting systems. Working extensively for both public and private sector clients, up and down the UK.