Floodlight Installation Costs: Things To Remember

Posted on May 6th, 2022

Floodlight Installation Costs: Things To Remember

Looking to install floodlights? There are several things to remember before considering floodlight installation costs. From the many different types of floodlights, to various materials required for the installation, there’s a lot to take in before making the plunge.

Floodlight Installation Costs

What Is Floodlighting?
The term “floodlighting” is typically used to describe the use of high-intensity lights to illuminate an area. This can range from sports lighting for a multi-purpose court to business lighting for a property or premises. Floodlights are typically mounted on a pole or light stand and can be adjusted in height to accommodate a variety of setups.

Why Would You Choose Floodlighting?
A floodlight installation can be an excellent choice for a property or premises. The decision to invest in this type of lighting has many benefits, including decreased energy costs and improved security. Traditional outdoor street lighting is in comparison very expensive to install and maintain and typically generates a lot of energy. A fully-fledged lighting system will cost thousands of pounds to install and maintain – whereas a single floodlight will only cost hundreds of pounds and these can be chained to create a cheaper lighting system. Floodlights deter crime by making the area more visible but they also offer protection and deter intruders with brighter lights. Finally, installing floodlights can improve liveability by increasing visibility on roads, pathways and walkways for people.

When Should You Consider Floodlighting?
If you’re considering adding outdoor lighting to your property or area, there are a couple of things to take into account. One is how much light your property needs. Before purchasing a floodlight, compare the natural light in the area to the type of lighting you want to install. It’s best to use a floodlight where the sun doesn’t provide enough light or where there isn’t enough electric power. Another thing worth considering is safety when you’re installing or maintaining a floodlight. Floodlights should be installed at least six feet above ground level and if they emit light upward, they should have guards to protect people’s eyesight from any kind of glare. Floodlights should also comply with local zoning ordinances and building codes as well as with utility company guidelines if they are attached to electric power lines.

Finding The Right Floodlight For Your Site
There are many different types of lights to choose from and you will want to make sure that you get the right one for the area. The best way to do this is to know what type of lighting you need. If you’re looking for security, then LED floodlights could be a great choice because they produce a very bright light that can easily illuminate dark areas at night and are energy efficient. If you have an event space and want people to feel welcomed and comfortable, then a softer light like an HPS floodlight might be a better option. And if you don’t have any specific needs, then a basic metal halide floodlight would do just fine.

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