5 Tips To Simplify LED Floodlight Installation

Posted on May 19th, 2022

5 Tips To Simplify LED Floodlight Installation

LED Floodlights are quite popular for use in area and sports lighting and are becoming a common sight across many pitches and courts nationwide. Their excellent lighting and brightness levels, long lasting lighting and energy efficiency make them an ideal choice for floodlight installation.

LED floodlight installation can be quite a challenge depending on the environment and surroundings but here are 5 tips that can help simplify the floodlight installation process.

We have 5 tips you might be interested in for LED floodlight installation.

1 – Make sure the power is properly connected before installation

Wherever you decide to perform LED floodlight installation, always ensure that the power is properly connected and safely tested beforehand. There might be a problem or fault with the wiring down the line, which would cause delays in installation times. It also provides an excellent opportunity to set the correct angle of lighting before the system is fixed and fully wired up.

2 – Proper placement is crucial

During LED floodlight installation, always make sure that the angle and coverage of lighting is correct. Take into careful consideration the surrounding environment and look out for any obstructions such as tress, poles, building roofs and other tall objects. Placing floodlights in dark corners is recommended to get maximise wider coverage.

3 – Make sure you are safely protected

It is always essential you are properly prepared for floodlight installation, no matter the type of floodlight you are working on and the level of height you are doing this from. Sometimes it is necessary to place floodlights higher than usual to get around obstructions and LED floodlights are no exception. In these cases, an ordinary ladder will not be sufficient. Extension ladders and climbing safety gear would be highly recommended in situations where you don’t have access to a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) so as to ensure that you can comfortably reach the LED floodlight if you need to perform hands on maintenance or cleaning.

4 – Make sure you are working with the right current

LED floodlights are designed to consume lower energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you are working on a system that uses both types make sure they are running on different power outlets. If floodlight installation is done under one source, there is the potential for a power draw to occur between the incandescent and the LED bulbs. The higher energy requirement and consumption would cause the LED bulbs to overload.

5 – Keep testing throughout installation

During the LED floodlight installation process, keep making sure that the LED bulbs are working to the correct standard and are not faulty and before the system is sealed, do one final check of the wiring. This should help mitigate difficulties in having to re-access parts of the system during maintenance time.

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