Why External LED Floodlights Are More Important Than Ever in Winter

Posted on October 29th, 2018

If you don’t want your sports club or team practice to end prematurely due to the darkening nights, external LED floodlights are the solution.

Now that the evenings have drawn in, 8 and 9pm sports practice becomes impossible without adequate lighting. If you rely on the hire of your pitch or the performance of your team, take the opportunity now to make sure that your floodlights will last the winter. Have breakages repaired, schedule a maintenance visit and consider the lifespan of your equipment. Do you feel that it will withstand winter weather conditions?

Floodlights are an important safety feature

Aside from enabling outdoor businesses to continue in the dark, in many cases floodlights are a very important safety feature. Capable of casting light widely, they keep outdoor spaces very well lit and, as a result, much safer. If you operate a car park, for example, both property and people are much safer when your floodlights are working properly. External LED floodlights in particular are safer than any other, because they last longer and shine brighter than the alternatives.

Dark, deserted playing fields are magnets to gangs who, while not necessarily a threat in themselves, can be intimidating. Any large, unsolicited group on your premises is likely to be unwelcome and more likely to cause damage, litter etc.

If you are concerned that customers or service users who are on your premises could be, or even just feel, unsafe due to broken or damaged lighting, make sure to have an engineer take a look at it as soon as possible.

While floodlights can be a huge safety feature, damaged floodlights can be a safety hazard, particularly in the winter. Even small parts become dangerous missiles, when falling from the height of a floodlight. If you have any reason to believe that your floodlights may not withstand winter weather conditions, such as frosts and storms, have them checked out and repaired now.

Could external LED floodlights extend your business hours?

If you don’t currently have external LED floodlights, it is worth asking yourself this question. From making a carpark or driveway safer, to making a pitch, playing field or any other outdoor space accessible long after dark, floodlights have the potential to change the winter fortunes of many organisations.

Could you charge more for use of your car park by installing floodlights to keep it safer through the winter? Could your outdoor business stay open later if you had floodlights installed? It’s not just sports grounds that benefit. Recycling centres, retail parks, garden centres and more, all use external LED floodlights to great effect.

Book a winter once-over for your floodlights

Here at Surfacelux we’re able to install, upgrade, maintain and repair floodlights. If you already have floodlighting installed and are in any way unsure how reliable it will be this winter, now would be the ideal time to take out a maintenance contract with us. If you have a broken light, contact us now on 0151 513 7415 to have it professionally repaired.

Stay well lit this winter!