Checking In On A Recent Floodlight Installation Project

Posted on February 17th, 2023

The team recently travelled to the South Coast to view this floodlight installation project that was designed and built for a sports complex facility.

For a floodlight installation project, we think that the lighting at this sports court complex looks spectacular during the evening!

The team at Surfacelux were recently down at the South Coast to inspect a recent floodlight installation design and build project for the community to use. The newly installed floodlight system provided the perfect amount of lighting for the tennis courts over at the facility. Containing long-lasting and highly efficient energy bulbs, these floodlights will need very little bulb maintenance and will be housed within a special casing and coated to protect them as much as possible from the elements.

When matches are played during the evening this will greatly help players on the court to be aware of their surroundings and also to keep an eye on the ball!

Due to the levels of brightness, the path around the sports complex is also sufficiently lit up, providing adequate security and safety for visitors.

Thinking about floodlight installation for your sports complex? At Surfacelux, we can help you plan, design and implement your next lighting system. Our friendly engineers have years of experience under their belts to be able to meet your requirements no matter how big or small, so if you would like to get in touch and enquire about any of our products and services or provide your requirements for a project you have in mind then please call 0151 513 7415 for our North Office or 01793 847 498 for our South Office. Alternatively you can contact us to send details over.