5 Signs That You Need A New LED Floodlight System

Posted on December 21st, 2022

5 Signs That You Need A New LED Floodlight System

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Is your current LED floodlight system not providing the coverage across your premises that you want it to? Or do you not have an LED floodlight system at all, leaving your space in complete darkness? The team at Surfacelux are on hand to help and here are five signs you need a new floodlight system.

Firstly What Are LED Floodlights?

LED Floodlights are specialist lighting systems that are put in place, usually outdoors, to help light large areas of space that are otherwise shrouded in dark or have dark spots that are unlit and unprotected. They can also be found indoors too in place of regular lighting. They use powerful, long lasting and highly energy efficient bulbs or lamps to provide their light source, with power usually coming from a main supply box or cabinet located elsewhere on the premises. You will normally see floodlights in action at your local outdoor sports facilities, leisure centres or the football ground you might pay a visit to. Floodlight systems can also be setup on home or business premises to help light the way and deter any unwanted behaviour or intruders. They are completely adjustable and are perfect for security lighting as they are discreet and portable so as not to draw attention.

The 5 Signs you need a new LED Floodlight System

1 – Improper or inadequate lighting

The first reason you might want to consider updating to a new floodlight system is because you might not like the current layout of your setup. It could be that your lights are not configured to light up the areas they should be, or they do but the colour is washed out. The majority of LED floodlights have bulbs that have thousands of hours of operation time before they start to wear out. Plus the angle of each lamp beam is customisable, allow one housing to focus light on several spots.

2 – Poor installation

The installation of an existing lighting system could have many different faults resulting in problems with the lighting itself. Patchy cable work, faulty power systems or incorrectly wired up lights can over time cause serious damage not just to the lighting but can also present a serious hazard to human health and the surrounding area. Risk of smoke and fire, sparks and other dangers are things to be avoided at all costs, especially during extreme dry or wet conditions. If your new LED floodlight system is done by us, our team of expert engineers are able to provide a thorough survey of the area ready for a proper, complete installation following by testing and hands on walkthrough.

3 – Faulty lights

One of the problems with some lighting systems is that the bulbs can be faulty and either start flickering or short out. One way of getting around this is to ensure that for new lighting, an LED floodlight system is in place which in turn will provide a steady stream of light thanks to the technology behind the filament.

4 – Doesn’t light up anymore

You might find your lamps are not all lighting up correctly. Traditional lighting systems have bulbs that last hundreds of hours but with an LED Floodlight System the bulb technology can increase this to thousands of hours worth of capacity. This ensures there are less bulb replacements over time and can save you money in the long run.

5 – Damaged components

Constant shifting weather patterns over time will cause problems for the components and these will eventually wear down and get damaged or wear down and break. Whether it is the bulb/lamp housing, the column itself or the cabling infrastructure becoming exposed, get it replaced with quality, longer lasting components – we are here to help with all your floodlight repair and maintenance needs.

Remember if you are going to setup floodlights by yourself, safety is paramount. Always make sure you have the adequate equipment and protection needed for working with lighting and electrics. If you would like Surfacelux to provide a free quote and prices on installation please call either our North or South numbers on 0151 513 7415 and 01793 847 498 respectively.